When my aunt texts me asking me to attend Sunday service.

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Im uncomfortable.

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Trill League by Anthony Piper

I legit laughed out loud at “Fuck yo bullet”.

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In a league of his own

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why are white people so scared of saying the word black but not nigga?


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African lion relaxing, Uganda by robincd123

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Do you have any white rappers that are a favorite? Whats your overall opinion on white rappers? I feel like too many of them have the same nasally tone.


Eminem is a white rapper I fuck with. He’s always shown the utmost respect for the culture and the guys who paved the way for him to be where he is.

You should always judge people by how they act when they’re successful and don’t need you, not how they act when they’ve fallen on hard times.

And with that said, Eminem has sold more records than any other rapper in history. He’s won all the awards and got all the accolades that you could get and he still went out of his way to respect the legends and call out their name and offer help to them for free.

So I fuck with Em.

Paul Wall for what I recall as well, minus the accolades.

20.Oct.14 10 hours ago

Take these away from meeee

Bangin’ the skillet.

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