Frog Legs Dancing With A Little Salt

this is some freaky ass shit man O__O

thats fucking WEIRD!!!!

“The obvious question: why does that happen?

Because these are fresh frog legs, the cells inside them are all still intact. The biochemical machinery still functions. There is still a source of energy for the muscles in the form of unused ATP molecules stored in the cells. All that the muscles need is something to activate them and they can still contract and relax (until they run out of ATP or something else shuts down the biochemical machinery).

Salt can do the same thing as electricity because salt contains sodium ions. Sodium (and potassium) ions are used in cells to create voltage differences”


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08.Oct.11 3 years ago


Whats the origin of the term “Wing It”

 first recorded c.1400; theatrical sense is from 1790. Verbal phrase wing it (1885) is from theatrical slang sense of an actor learning his lines in the wings before going onstage, or else not learning them at all and being fed by a prompter in the wings”


05.Oct.11 3 years ago

What is the origin of “Buck Naked”


The obvious guess is that it is a cleaned up version of “Butt Naked”, which requires no explanation. 

But there are other theories as well:

- Anglo-American colonists’ slang term describing young Indian men (sometimes described as young bucks), who in warm weather often hunted and fought without clothing

- From the phrase “”as naked as a buck deer” (similar to the phrase “naked as a jay-bird” and reinforced in its usage by the fact that the hair of a deer is similar in color to tanned human skin)

- Wiktionary

Gonna start an Etymology tag, You’re doin’ my grunt work,haha.

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Whats the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath?


“Psychopaths and sociopaths both apparently lack a conscience. Both will engage in behavior that harms others with no feeling of guilt or remorse, and rarely consider the risks to others implicit in their actions. They have an intellectual understanding of pro-social emotions, but seem to feel no emotional bonds with others. The result is that they can seem like perfectly decent and reasonable human beings in most situations, but can take bizarrely inappropriate actions to satisfy perceived insults, fantasies, or mere whims.

Those psychologists who make a distinction between the two usually do so on the basis of organization. Sociopaths are seen as disorganized and rash, making extreme responses to normal situations. They lack impulse control. Psychopaths, by contrast, are highly organized, often secretly planning out and fantasizing about their acts in great detail before actually committing them, and sometimes manipulating people around them.“ 


Putting their demeanor aside, Psychopaths can be capable of great things, if they weren’t usually so malicious. I wouldn’t be surprised if great kings from the past had psychotic tendencies, or even just psychotic in general.

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